How does works! is a multilingual search engine, of all types of professional boats for charter. In, most of the professional charter yachts in Greece, are registered, sailing and motor yachts, from their owners or yachting companies in charge. You can also find informations about ports and marinas, nautical shops, diving centers, port police, engineers, skippers and other sea tourism professionals.

Our target is to provide to the user of, all the informations he needs in order to charter a yacht, through a user friendly search engine system, in his own language, fast and easy, the desirable yacht charter option (sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran), the place of departure, the desirable date of departure, the destination.

As a search result, all the yachts/activities filing the given requests appear, with each yacht providing more informations such as length, model, capacity, etc and the customer is given the opportunity to fill in an application form for each boat and send it directly to the yacht owner or the yachting company in charge.

In there are not any charter prices appearing except from the last minute offers. is NOT involved in any way, with the financial transactions, or charging commissions for the yacht charter to the customer or the yacht owner.

All the yachts informations, have been checked as far as possible, from, but the final responsibility for the accuracy of those informations, lies to our colleges.